About Me

My adventure in photography began at a young age, my Dad always had a camera for family events and vacations. When I got old enough, he gave me a Kodak Instamatic 126; you know the kind with drop in film cartridges and square flash cubes. Later, I was able to shoot with his twin lens reflex camera...I loved that camera.

During high school, he gave me my first SLR, a Sears brand, but it was an SLR and it got me through Photography class. I bought a Canon AE-1 after high school and I still have it to this day. 

Fast-forward to the last few years; I have discovered photography again. I have traveled to Florida, New Mexico, South Carolina, Maryland, the Smoky Mountains in TN, New Hampshire, and locally in Massachusetts to photograph landscapes, flowers and wildlife.

Since 2000, I have been a software trainer, recently working for New Horizons, Boston, MA; in 2013, I achieved an award "Top 25 Applications Instructor - Worldwide".  I have trained professionals who work for ESPN, Dunkin Donuts, Harvard University, MIT Lincoln Labs, Princeton University, and FedEx. Currently, I work for TJX as an Instructional Designer/Trainer. 

As a member of NAPP/KelbyOne since 1999, I have attended many Photoshop World Conferences and one-day seminars. In 2014 at Photoshop World - Las Vegas, I won the coveted Vincent Versace Award for Photographic Excellence. 

I look forward to sharing my images with you. Please feel free to contact me for a consultation.

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